TWD: Woodbury’s Secrets, Rick’s Rage (& Tonight’s Code)

TWD: Woodbury’s Secrets, Rick’s Rage (& Tonight’s Code)

Tonight’s The Walking Dead starts with what looks like a flashback to better times – but it’s not.

Instead, it’s actually the idealic town of Woodbury.

‘course, the next scence isn’t so idealic. Seems the Governor has a secret… his daughter, Penny.

Penny is dead – and back from the dead. In a sickeningly touching way, he’s trying to care for and love her. As he brushes her hair, a piece of her scalp falls off. She momentarily escapes her restraints. The Governor wraps her back up, covers her head with a sack, and kisses her.

Now we return to the devastating story of the Rick Grimes family. Rick is in a stupor. As Daryl and Maggie head off in search of baby formula, Rick, eye’s glazed, picks up an ax and goes on a zombie killing spree in the prison.

Back at Woodbury, Michonne is suspicious. She sneaks into the Governor’s house, fetches her sword, and almost discovers the Governor’s daughter. She’s interrupted, but knows something is wrong, and suspects the truth.

Escaping the house, Michonne continuing to explore. She finds a walker holding cage in town. She releases the walkers, then slays them.

During the break, we get the first code word for the sweepstakes: we

Michonne is caught by the Governor, but confronts him and leaves, with sword in hand.

Michonne and Andrea are at odds. Andrea likes Woodbury. She wants to stay. Michonne tells her things are not what they appear to be. She leaves, without Andrea.

Deep inside the prison block, Rick is crazed. Glen finds him roaming the dark, bloody, corridors. He tries to bring him back out, but Rick throws him aside.

The second sweepstakes code word: must

Daryl and Maggie arrive back at the prison with baby supplies. Daryl cradles the baby in his arms, giving it a bottle, and gets baby silly. Who knew Daryl had that in him?

The last sweepstakes code word: survive (the sweepstakes page is here)

Next scene, Rick, covered with blood, finds the place Lori died in childbirth. Sticky blood and tissue still covers the floor. Rick picks up a bullet, apparently the one that Carl used when he put his mother ‘down’. Rick hears walker sounds. He finds it, kills it and mutilates the carcass, which appears to have been a pregnant woman before death.

—update —–
On The Talking Dead, the Walking Dead aftershow, director Greg Nicotero explains the big belly was not a formerly pregnant person. The walker actually had a large belly because it had just eaten Lori! Ewwww!

Back in Woodbury, where a party has been going on all day, Andrea learns the big event of the evening is….. MMA style fights in an arena surrounded by walkers. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds – the walkers have had their teeth pulled out (aren’t scratches still an issue? TWD is not always consistent with the details).

Nevertheless, Andrea is now convinced the townspeople and its Governor are deeply disturbed.

And at the prison… Rick, sitting alone among the dead, hears a baby, crying. Then the phone rings – he picks it up.

The end.

What a place to end it. Luckily this isn’t a season ender. A new The Walking Dead is scheduled for next Sunday.

So here are the questions left over from tonight:

– Though we see Daryl laying a Cherokee Rose at a grave, we have not seen any evidence of Carol’s death. Is she still around?

– Is Rick delusional?

– Will Andrea remain in the town, and will she ever hook up with Michonne again? How?

Wow, tonight’s episode was both touching and gruesome – a TWD mainstay, but still something that one doesn’t get used to.

Season’s one and two are available on Netflix. Current season episodes are available through Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

What did you think of the show? Any more questions to add? Leave your comments below!

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