TWD/FTWD Spoilers: Meet The Patient Who Started It All..Maybe [Video]

TWD/FTWD Spoilers: Meet The Patient Who Started It All..Maybe [Video]

Ever wonder who the first zombie was?

Well, your about to find out… maybe.

Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ and it’s new companion series, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will be excited to learn that even though we won’t know HOW the apocalypse started, we will know WHO started it- at least in L.A.

Patient zero, the first to be infected, has been revealed and it’s not the face of evil you might be expecting.

Her name is Gloria and she is a young, fresh-faced blonde who looks like a typical teen… well, minus the blood and face chomping.

These facts came to light courtesy of ComicBook, who interviewed FTWD actress Lexi Johnson.

Johnson revealed in the talk session that it’s her character, Gloria that is responsible for turning Los Angeles, and possibly the world, into walkers.

She can be seen in the official FTWD trailer gnawing on someone’s face about 45-seconds in; you can watch it below.

She did not make it clear if she is the very first walker ever, but she did confirm she is THE first walker ever in Los Angeles.

Since Fear takes place 5 weeks before Rick on TWD wakes from his coma, it’s a fair assumption to say she may be the one responsible for it all.

Producers for Fear have said in past interviews that we will see the apocalypse begin and unfold, but we won’t know exact origin of the zombie infection.

That seems to be the case, as there is no word on how Gloria became infected.

What do you think about finding out who patient zero on FTWD is?

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premieres Sunday, August 23rd at 8 P.m. (EST) on AMC

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