Family Switcher U.S. Cellular $300 Debit CardIf you or your family members have thought about switching to U.S Cellular, now may be an ideal time to do so.

They’re offering a $300 Mastercard debit card to new subscribers.

The ‘family switcher bonus’ requires the signing of a two-year agreement for two or more line of services, including one for a smartphone.

Anyone picking a data plan costing $20 or above is eligible for the offer, which expires on the 1st of April, 2013.

Customers have multiple handsets to choose from. They can select a Galaxy S3 priced at $149.99. There’s also an option to go for Galaxy Note 2, which costs $349.99. The cheapest offering is a Hauwei Ascend Y, costing only $0.01.

Anyone spending $149.99 or above on a phone will also get a free 4G LTE Samsung Mobile Hotspot. The $300 gift card applies to all activations.

U.S Cellular doesn’t match up with the likes of Verizon and AT&T, but this offer may turn some heads, especially in areas covered by the carrier.

More details are available at U.S Cellular website.

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