The U.S. Embassy in Jordan has issued a warning on Wednesday to U.S. citizens to avoid any non-official or personal travel to Aqaba for at least 48 hours.

The Embassy has received what has been deemed as credible information that there may be a threat to a portion of the Gulf of Aqaba.  The area threatened lies between Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and includes the downtown and port areas of Aqaba.

The area is a tourist destination that lies near the Israeli border on the Red Sea.

Last month two rockets landed on a street very close to the Intercontinental Hotel in the area and the Embassy had issued a warning very similar.  In that incident there were reports of a Jordanian civilian being killed.  There had also been reports that day of rockets being fired in Eilat, the resort city in Israel.

Jordan’s minister for media affairs and communications has stated that the current warning is only issued for U.S. citizens.  He stated that the situation had been assessed and was considered stable by the government.