The U.S. Consulate in Matamoros, Mexico has issued a warning against traveling by bus in the area due to the dangers it presents to travelers.

Criminals in the area are targeting travelers by both car and bus, according to the warning. This has led to several travel warnings over several months time. In November of last year the Consulate warned U.S. citizens of the dangers involved in driving through Tamaulipas because of the armed criminals present on the highways. They reissued the statement in January of this year as the dangers to U.S. citizens continued.

In recent weeks there have been several reports of armed criminals boarding buses traveling through the area. These reports show that in at least one instance several passengers, including one U.S. citizen, were taken from the bus and have yet to be found. These instances have spawned the current advisory against bus travel for U.S. citizens through the area.

With the recent discovery of mass graves in the area and a total of 88 bodies being found, officials will be trying to determine if any of the bodies match the passengers that were removed from the bus.

Matamoros is located across the border from Brownsville, Texas. It is located in the Tamaulipas state which is considered to be one of the most violent in Mexico.