Uber Puppies | Company Delivers Play Dates With Adoptables

Uber has partnered with local animal shelters to deliver adoptable puppies to businesses with a touch of a button.

For just $30, Uber will deliver adorable, adoptable puppies to come and play with you for 15 minutes.  Don’t worry about trying to resist falling in love with a puppy or two, the Uber staff has the adoption papers for each puppy on-hand.

The big question is: Am I in an area where Uber can deliver puppies to my office?

Uber has delivered puppies to many cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, DC, and Indianapolis. Interested customers are to keep an eye on their Uber app to see when Uber is coming to their area.

When Uber Puppies comes to your city, there’s one more catch: the Uber Puppy Zone. Uber maps out a specific area where it will deliver puppies to. If your office isn’t within the area, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

Uber advises customers that the demand to play with puppies is extremely high – which is no surprise – and the availability is limited, so patience is appreciated.

Chris Nakutis – the general manager of Uber Austin – illustrates the popularity of Uber’s puppy delivery service with the following statement:

“Demand for Uber in general is very high, and for puppies, it pretty much breaks the Internet.”

What are your thoughts on Uber’s puppy deliveries? Is this idea the best thing since doggie biscuits, or is it a bad idea with good intentions? Should dogs of all ages be involved? Let me know in the comments, and then share this article with your family and friends by using the buttons below!

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