Unlimited Movies In Theaters – $24/Month | MoviePass Sale

MoviePass is having a sale on their unlimited movie pass.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, new subscribers can join for just $24 a month.

With MoviePass, subscribers can head to their favorite theater and watch a new movie every day.

There are no black out dates, according to MoviePass, and you can even go on opening nights.

There is a limitation of one show per 24 hours, and the pass does not apply to 3-D and Imax movies.

MoviePass is accepted at more than 3,700 theaters in the US. according to their site. Most theaters that accept Discover cards participate in their program.

Subscriptions normally cost $30 a month. But through Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, MoviePass has subscriptions on sale for $24 a month, a discount of 20% off their regular price.

They also are offering a free, two week, trial subscription to new users.

The subscription payments begin at the end of the two week trial, if MoviePass is not cancelled before then.

Overall, if you are a regular movie goer, this is one heck of a deal!

Ah, but there is a bit of a catch… and it’s glossed over on the front of their website. You have to dig into the terms of service to get the details.

A MoviePass subscription is an annual contract that’s billed monthly. That means, once the subscription starts, you’re committed to keep paying for it for a full year.

If you cancel it before the year is up, it’ll cost you.

According to their terms, cancellations within the first to third months incur a $75 cancellation fee. During the fourth through sixth months, the fee is $60. During months seven through nine, it drops to $40. And during months ten and eleven, it’s $20.

After the first year, the subscription can be cancelled at any time without a penalty.

Still, MoviePass is quite a deal… as long as you know what you’re getting into.

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