FreedomPop is now offering a plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data for just $20 a month.

The company announced the new plan in a press release just before the Memorial Day weekend.

They also announced their shift to Sprint’s 4G/LTE network and the inclusion of LTE smartphones into their lineup.

The new FreedomPop LTE smartphones are the Samsung Victory, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4.

We’ve been watching FreedomPop’s growth for a while now. You can see our recent review of the service here:

Freedompop’s Free Cell Phone Plan Is The Real Deal

They offer a free plan with up to 200 minutes of talk time, 200 texts, and a half a GB of data, and a number of low-cost plans with higher talk/text & data limits.

The new, $20 per month, “Unlimited Everything” plan includes free tethering through FreedomPop’s LTE phones. The unlimited data includes 1GB at 4G speeds per month. After that first GB, it’s throttled back to 3G speeds.

Years ago, some of the major carriers offered unlimited data for a fixed price, but could not maintain it. Will FreedomPop be able to?

Asked if there would be some point where FreedomPop would consider a user’s data use excessive and discontinue it or throttle further, FreedomPop’s COO, Steven Sesar, told Consumer Press “Not yet, but I’m sure we’ll have some fair use policy we’ll need to implement if we see abuse.”

What do you think of FreedomPop’s new unlimited talk, text and data plan?

Have you used their service before, and will be be switching to one of their new LTE phones?