Motorola is offering a discount of up to $125 on a new Moto X when buying on its website.

The offer applies to all sizes (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), and shoppers wanting to take advantage of the deal should enter coupon code MBXISMOT at checkout.

Exactly how much you save depends on what model you choose.

Motorola will cut the price of the 16GB model by $100, bringing the total down to $299. If you’re interested in the higher capacity versions then there are bigger savings to be made.

Choosing either the 32GB or 64GB versions and entering the coupon will get you $125 off, bringing the prices down to $324.99 and $374.99 respectively.

That’s not a bad saving in anyone’s book. If you’d like to take Motorola up on their offer you have until the 23rd before the coupon expires.

The Moto X is a flagship Android phone, and the first one produced by Motorola following its acquisition by Google.

Launched last August, the Moto X received generally favorable reviews and users often comment on its superior battery life.

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