Upgrading Your iPhone? Wait for it…

Since the iPhone 6 was announced and put on the market, consumers have
been flocking to the stores and websites to upgrade their current phone to the new standard.

But the question is – should they really have to?

I have been rocking an iPhone 4 for about three years now. Never have I needed to upgrade until most recently when I had updated the phone’s iOS. Since then, my poor iPhone 4 has struggled to process just about any and every thing.

The iPhone 6 looks pretty good, however, while it may be “new and improved” I don’t plan on purchasing it.

Why, you ask? Simple. I stay behind the tech trends.

Okay, so I may not be considered “hip” by doing this, but my mentality is nothing if not practical. Too many times have new updates for phones and other devices come out, and customers have had to deal with one bug after another.

Notable examples as of recent include the iOS 8 update 8.0.1, which actually bricked users iPhones, causing Apple to yank the update within a day.

Another would be the the design flaw in the iPhone 6, in which users who have them in their pockets then find their poor iPhones to be bent and warped.

My advice to you: stay behind the trend of having the most recent upgrades until the bugs have been worked out by the company.

This way, you should be “bug free” and can deal with more important issues in life.

Consumer Expert Stephen Jacobi

Stephen has worked in entertainment for over ten years, and now lends his opinions and aspirations to News for Shoppers delving into media, tech, and entertainment. He is also a member of the Grammy Recording Academy too. During his free time, he manages a separate blog called Feed the Monkey!, writes short stories and novels, and is an avid movie watcher, book reader and video game player.