UPS In Hot Water For Missing/Damaged Holiday Packages

UPS, one of the  biggest names in delivery services, is one of the biggest reasons why packages are missing or damaged- and that’s just some of the many issues  landing the company in hot water with shoppers.

This holiday season consumers are saying bah-humbug because of delays in delivery, broken items and extremely poor customer service that only seems to be making things worse.

A UPS driver, who agreed to speak with Consumer Press anonymously, said the entire system needs to be overhauled, as it is both outdated and inefficient.

He told us there is:” a complete disregard for communication and following proper procedures.  The employees who pack the trucks are not putting boxes for the same addresses together.  As a result, we (the drivers) often can’t find boxes for certain addresses and end up delivering to the same place several times as we do find them.  We end up wasting time and money circling the same blocks over and over.”

This may explain what happened to Manny Ortiz, 41, from Sunset Park Brooklyn.  Manny ordered a package on Saturday, November 29 using 2-day delivery, yet didn’t receive his package until Monday, December 8.

The company he ordered from sent the package out immediately and was out for delivery on Wednesday, 3 as it should have been.

However, the package was never delivered that day and what followed was days of continuous lies for UPS’ customer service.

According to Mr. Ortiz:

 “I called every day and was told it was on the truck and that I would definitely be getting it, but it never came.  

 On Friday a customer service  rep swore I would get it and opened a case, which she said would ensure the driver was aware of the situation and would make sure I got it.  I was also told I would get a call before the driver delivered it that night but nothing happened- no call, no delivery.  I asked to be connected with the

 UPS location where my package was, but I was told there is no number and that all communications are done though the computer.  I ended up calling the company I ordered from, who placed several calls on my behalf and finally I got my package that Monday- no thanks to UPS!  I can’t believe a company with their reputation treats customers like this.  They lied repeatedly about my package and did nothing to help locate it or  explain why it wasn’t delivered if it was on the truck.  I’ll never use them again”

That is just one of the many horror stories shoppers are experiencing this season.

Several  people have complained that boxes are being:”tossed around like footballs” and “thrown on the ground as drivers unpack the trucks.”

Even worse, some drivers are making up there own rules.  Cynthia, 34, from Staten Island says she was stunned to learn she had to go get her package- in front of another building!

She told us that she was waiting for a package, when she received a call from the driver telling her that he was parked in front of a building a few blocks away ad that she could come get her package anytime between 10:30 and 11:45 A.M. (EST).

She was not the only one to get this call, several other people in her building got the same message as well.

She called to complain and got her package the next day, but the fact that it even happened was, as she put it: “beyond unprofessional  and will make me use other delivery services in the future.”

Sadly, these are not isolated incidents.  We checked out  comments for the Foster Avenue (Brooklyn) site where Mr. Ortiz’ package was coming from  on Four Square and almost every comment was negative.

Customer comments include:

Good luck getting your package” and “bad customer service and some drivers lie about delivering packages.”

A UPS representative told Consumer Press that: “we are committed to excellence and are looking into these matters as we take these issues seriously to ensure quality customer service.”

Do you use UPS?  If so tell us what your experience with them was like.

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