US Travel Stopped By Winter Storm

A very strong winter storm is moving up in US on the eastern coast. This triggered many flight cancellations and there are many Christmas holiday travelers that have been stranded.

The National Weather Service did issue a blizzard warning from New Jersey to Maine and there are areas where the snow is predicted to reach around 50 centimeters.

The problem is that the winter storm will also bring very strong winds to the areas affected. At the Reagan National Airport we saw a lot of flights that were canceled and travelers had to rebook flights. This caused a lot of confusion.

At the 3 most important airports in New York we saw over 1,000 flights cancelled even before the snow arrived, as a precaution. Also, highway driving is extremely difficult and the train between Maine and New York was cancelled.

It is expected that more train and flight cancellations will appear in the following days. Authorities are saying it would be wise to plan ahead. Michael Bloomberg, New York City mayor, has asked people to stay indoors and stop travel plans whenever possible.

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