One of the things I quickly realized after setting up my AT&T Uverse TV cable service was how frustrating it was to turn closed captioning (CC) on and off.

It’s not like my family needs closed captioning on all the time – normally we prefer it to be off.

But occasionally we watch shows where it seems like the actors are mumbling.

Or… we’re watching something on BBC American and darn, those Brits can be hard to understand (I’m looking at you – Dr. Who!).

So we like to switch over to CC and back up to catch something they said. But with the Uverse remote, it took 16 (yes, that’s not a typo: 16) clicks to turn on closed captioning and get back to the TV show.

Or so I thought… and so do a lot of other Uverse customers. I ran into a bunch of them complaining about this issue when I was looked up online how to turn the cc on and off easily.

Then, one day, I happened to hit a button on the right side of the bottom row. It’s labeled “zoom”. But it doesn’t just zoom. It pops up a whole menu with different levels of zoom plus a number of other options – including control over closed captioning.

Ok, believe it or not, it still takes 8 clicks to turn the closed captioning on or off this way. But that’s a lot better than 16. And it’s more intuitive… once you get past the need to click ‘zoom’ to get to the cc on/off toggle!

Now, why won’t AT&T give us a way to use one of these – a – b – c – buttons as a cc on/off button? I don’t use those for anything, do you?

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