Vampire Diaries: “Growing Pains” – Review

Vampire Diaries: “Growing Pains” – Review

Vampire Diaries premieres with big numbers and a whole new game. Here is a quick rundown on the season opener, as well as my thoughts on it.

The season 4 premiere started right where last season left off, with Elena waking up and realizing that her life as she knew it was literally over. The episode focused on her deciding if she could be a vampire or not. At least part of it did.

The hour long episode was packed with so many things, I really don’t think that I could do it justice to try and recap everything here. I’ll state the important bits:

  • Elena is now a vampire, something she never wanted to be, but chose to complete the transition rather than die.
  • Damon is mad at everyone for allowing this to happen, but mostly Matt, who saw a lot of violent anger directed at him from Damon during the entire episode.
  • Bonnie is in trouble with the spirits. Big trouble. Apparently you can’t save the soul of a vampire, try to bring your friend back from the dead, and put the soul of the previously saved vampire back in his partially charred body without a price. I’m guessing we’ll continue to see this price as the season goes.
  • The founder’s council is no more, maybe? After spending the entire episode trying to kill all the vampires in the city, they were all blown up. Or were they? No idea what’s going on there.

That’s basically the entire episode in a pinch.

Sure there were long conversations, about what people should and shouldn’t do. The only thing that really was shown about Elena’s transformation was all the things that Damon made her forget. I am excited to see where they go with this whole story line for the rest of the season.

The episode was a strong return for the show, but to me I felt as though there was too much in one episode. Usually with the season opener you have some idea where the rest of the season will go, at least a general direction, and this episode didn’t give that. Other than knowing that we’ll see Elena deal with her now being a vampire, we have no idea what the threat for the season is going to be. I hope it’s something they plan on fixing soon. I understand that the season finale left a lot of open threads, but that doesn’t mean that they needed to wrap them all up in one episode.

I need a clear big bad for the season guys. It’s what brings the tension. If it’s personal growth that’s fine, just give me something. Please?

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