Verizon Galaxy S4 registration page goes liveVerizon has launched a page where shoppers can sign up for Verizon Galaxy S4 news alerts.

So far, the company has been mum when it comes to details about the availability of their S4.

Their alerts registration page just says the Galaxy S4 will be ‘coming soon.’

There’s been nothing from Verizon so far about pre-orders, shipping dates, or prices.

Pretty much all we’ve gotten is a tweet saying the phone would be available online and in stores sometimes in May.

That seems to be a pretty weak response from Verizon for what has been lauded as one of the most anticipated smartphone launches of the year.

AT&T is currently taking pre-orders with an April 30 shipping date.

Sprint’s pre-order is closed, but they state that regular orders will begin on April 27.

US Cellular is taking orders with a mid-May shipping date.

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