Verizon Will Offer 4G LTE BlackBerry Z10 For $199 In March

Verizon Will Offer 4G LTE BlackBerry Z10 For $199 In March

BlackBerry unveiled its new platform today, BlackBerry10, at an event held today in New York. The company, previously known as Research In Motion (RIM), also announced two new devices that run on the latest OS.

One of the devices is named the BlackBerry Z10. It comes with a 4.2 inch-display and 356 per inch pixel density.

What’s surprising about this model is the absence of a QWERTY keyboard. There’s a dual core 1.5 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage and microSD card availability.

The second device is the BlackBerry Q10. It features a full QWERTY keyboard similar to the previous BlackBerry handsets. The company informed the Q10 comes with a unique glass-weave material that’s stronger than plastic and is thinner and lighter.

Verizon wireless has announced they’ll be offering both handsets to customers. Both devices have 4G LTE compatibility. So far, pricing and availability details are available for the Z10. The device will be offered at $199.99 in two colors; black and white. The carrier also announced the white variant will be exclusive to them.

The subsidized version will be offered for $599. The phone will be offered by all four carriers in the U.S; Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. Other carriers are expected to announce their plans any time soon.

The Z10 has been slated for a mid-March release. However, no word has been given on the pricing or availability of Q10, but we’re expecting it to arrive in the same month.

Do you see these handsets competing with Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S? Will you buy anyone of them? Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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