Viber Launches New Windows/Mac PC App | Revamps iOS, Android Apps

Viber Launches New Windows/Mac PC App | Revamps iOS, Android Apps

Viber has announced a new application for Mac and Windows PCs.

The new software allows users to sync their communication between mobile and desktop devices.

The service is now available on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android, Bada and Mac/Windows PCs.

Viber has also made changes to its Android and iOS app, bringing improved voice quality, video chatting and a lot more.

Viber for Mac and Windows syncs the history of the user’s messages, calls and contacts with smartphones, and the conversation can be started on the computer from where it was left off on the mobile.

In their news release, the company said:

One of the strengths of Viber is its easy activation process. The company has replicated the same process with Viber Desktop. As soon as you enter your mobile number and a confirmation code which is sent to your mobile Viber app, you are ready to go!

All of your mobile Viber contacts are instantly and continuously synced from your mobile Viber to Viber Desktop.

Users can even transfer VoIP calls.

Desktop Viber also includes HD voice calls, free text and image messages, video calls, group conversations and a lot more.

The latest mobile version includes 8 new languages and video chatting. Live calls can also be transferred between the mobile and desktop.

Users can now filter groups, and the contact screen has also been redesigned. There’s also an online indicator which shows who’s online.

Viber is a free download for all platforms.

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