Some of the newest games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are available for rent at about 27,000 kiosks across the US, according to dvd vending company redbox.

Redbox announced the launch of their video game rentals last month – with approximately 21,000 of their kiosks being stocked with video game selections. Today they announced that 5000 more kiosks across the nation will have video games added to their inventories starting August 1st.

Video games currently available through redbox include Duke Nukem Forever, Call of Duty Black Ops, Cars 2, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, Star Wars 3, Brink, Earth Defense Force Insect Armagedden, Call of Jaurez The Cartel, The Smurfs Dance Party, Sonic Colors, Just Dance 2, Hunted Demon’s Forge, Dirt 3, Mortal Kombat, Socom 4, Tangled, Homefront, and more. Video game rentals cost $2 per night. Each kiosk is expected to carry between 22 to 28 different gaming titles. Unlike movies, there’s not a long wait for new games to be released. Redbox appears to get the newly released video games pretty quick.

According to redbox, 68% of the US population lives within a 5 minute drive of a redbox kiosk. That’s a pretty incredible reach. Redbox claims to have aproximately 27,000 kiosks nationwide – so doing the math – 21,000 last month plus another 5000 starting August 1, video game rentals should be available in almost all of them.