Virgin Mobile $100 free credit to switch from T-MobileLooks like AT&T is not the only carrier going after T-Mobile customers.

Virgin Mobile has started a new campaign offering T-Mobile customers $100 credit if they sign up for its unlimited data plans.

The campaign features Wayne Coyne, of Flaming Lips, who invites consumers to ‘retrain their brain.’

Virgin Mobile’s unlimited data, messaging and talk plan costs $55/month.  A similar plan from T-Mobile is $60/month.

Besides the $100 credit to T-Mobile customers that switch, another major difference is that Virgin Mobile throttles users with over 2.5gb of usage a month to 3G speeds. T-Mobile throttles users with over 2.5gb of usage to 2G speeds.

However, consumers don’t have to go straight for the $55 plan. The Virgin Mobile plans start at $35/month.

Virgin Mobile is also highlighting the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G on contract: $299. At T-Mobile, the S2 is $413, a difference of $114.

Other smartphones are available as well, such as HTC One V and Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G.

The $100 credit will be received by consumers after they’ve purchased a device, switched the T-Mobile number and have paid for the first month of service.

The offer is available till 31st May. More details are available on Virgin Mobile’s website.