The Sex Pistols are a group known for anarchy and going against the status quo, so hardcore fans were shocked when it was recently announced that there were going to be Sex Pistols credit cards.

The Sex Pistols credit cards will be released through Virgin Money and will be featuring the record covers to the albums “Never Mind the Bollocks” as well as the album “Anarchy in the U.K.”

According to Virgin Money director of cards Michael Greene in an interview to The Guardian, the new line of credit cards is a way for the company to change itself. Green stated “The Sex Pistols challenged convention and the established way of thinking-just as weare doing today in our quest to shake up U.K. banking.”

There have been several reactions to the release of the credit cards. A few fans have taken to social media in disbelief. Many of the fans saying that the group had sold out and even going as far as saying that the group no longer represented punk rock.

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, has defended himself and the band before. Lydon has been on a few reality shows which caused an uproar with hardcore fans previously.

In his defense, Lydon said in an interview with New Camden Journal “Anything I can do to help British industry is fine by me.”

Regardless of the views people hold on the new line of credit cards, the cards will be available and have an APR of 18.9%.