Worlds Best Cat Litter GiveLitter EventCat lovers have a chance to help four feline internet superstars in their efforts to donate up to 50,000 pounds of litter to shelter cats in need.

World’s Best Cat Litter has partnered with four former shelter cats– who have now become internet famous— to launch their largest GiveLitter charity event to date.

The feline superstars are Lil BUBHamilton the Hipster CatMurdock the Marvelous and Nala Cat.

Each cat was adopted from a shelter before developing a devoted fan following online.

Lil Bub began her life as the runt of a feral colony and was swooped up into rescue when it became obvious she possessed a variety of genetic anomalies. These anomalies contribute to a variety of unique characteristics such as permanent kitten-like features and extra toes. Plus, unlike most cats, she’s cool as a cucumber on planes, subways, and even the back of cabs. Her website says she’s put her good looks to use and helped raise more than $60,000 for various charities across the country.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat’s Facebook page notes his patriotic origins (his birthday is guessed to be July 4) and his unique mustache. His page says, “He has a real mustache that is better than any mustache that has ever walked this planet.”

Nala Cat was dropped off at the shelter around five or six months old when her owners had too many cats and kittens to care for, according to her website. Her fan base grew online after her new owner started sharing photos on Instagram for friends and family to enjoy Nala’s new life and antics.

Murdock the Marvelous, aka the Magical Blind Cat, was left at the shelter as a kitten when he was only a few weeks old. A chronic eye infection left him blind when both eyes ruptured, according to his Facebook page. He has since survived surgeries and a blood transfusion to steal the heart of the vet tech who took him home and cared for him as well as cat fans online from across the globe.

The GiveLitter charity event allows users to vote once per day for their favorite cat and its corresponding shelter.

Lil BUB is donating litter to the Bloomington Animal Shelter and Ouabache Valley Felines and Friends, Inc., both in Indiana.
Hamilton the Hipster Cat is donating litter to the Humane Society Silicon Valley in Milpitas, CA.
Murdock the Marvelous is donating litter to the Sonoma Humane Society in Santa Rosa, CA.
Nala Cat is donating litter to the Kitten Rescue animal shelter in Los Angeles, CA.

The new round of voting launches today, March 17, and will run through March 26.

The cat with the most votes receives a 20,000 pound donation of World’s Best Cat Litter for their shelter. Second place receives 15,000 pounds, third place, 10,000 pounds, and fourth place, 5,000 pounds of litter.

World’s Best Cat Litter says, “Voting is free and open to anyone.”

Fans of cats can vote daily through March 26 for their favorite feline in the World’s Best Cat Litter GiveLitter charity event at