Walking Dead Returns 2/10 | Top 10 Things To Do Before It’s Back On!

Season 3 of The Walking Dead will return to AMC with all new shows starting February 10, 2013.

Are you ready for the return of the Walkers, the Governor, Rick? We certainly are!

AMC just published a list of their recommended “Top ten things to do to get ready for Episode 9, ‘The Suicide King.'”

Not surprisingly, number one on the list is to watch the season 2 and season 3 (first half) marathons that start this Saturday at 10AM/9c (as we mentioned beforehand, season 1 was aired last weekend).

Two is to watch the episode 9 sneak peak (shown below) and the 60-second trailer for Season 3.

Three is to check out two sneak peek stills from Episode 9.

At number four, they suggest bookmarking The Walking Dead Story Sync page. Story sync can be accessed either through a browser or through an app. It provides for a “live, interactive, two-screen experience during premiere broadcasts.” Personally… way too much multi-tasking for my liking!

Number five on their list is to try out the turn yourself into a zombie via the Dead Yourself App for Facebook and iPhone.

At number six is checking out the best zombies of season 3 to date.

Number seven is to play the The Walking Dead Social Game on Facebook.

Number eight is to visit the TalkingDead.com. The Talking Dead is The Walking Dead’s after-show talk show.

Number nine is to sign up for the Dead Alert: TWD Newsletter.

And number 10 is to join The Walking Dead Talk forum.

Here’s the episode 9 sneak peak they mentioned. Are you counting down the hours to the next new The Walking Dead? Leave your comments after the break!


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