TWD season 3 is available streaming online at AMCSeason 3 of The Walking Dead is now available streaming online for free.

It’s available for a limited time at

All 16 episodes of season 3, from Seed through Walking Through The Tombs, are available.

According to AMC’s site, episodes 1 through 11 will be available through their site until the end of September.

Episodes 12 through 16 will be available from now until season 4 premieres on October 13.

This means that, as of right now, all past episodes of The Walking Dead are available online. Seasons 1, 2 are available through Netflix (which offers a free one-month trial to new subscribers) and then season 3, directly on 36 episodes of Walking Dead goodness!

update: need to add a clarification/correction here – AMC requires users to be on one of the following cable TV services to access their shows online: Bright House, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS or Xfinity.

We do expect that season 3 will make its way onto Netflix just before the season 4 premiere. If AMC holds to past tradition, we’ll be served up some juicy pre-season 4 online webisodes sometime soon.

AMC has dropped some teasers about season 4….

For one thing, apparently the Governor will be back. Creator Robert Kirkman told TVLine that the Governor will be “a very different character” upon his return.

With Rick taking on the good folk of Woodbury, there will be some that get along just fine, and some that don’t.

And last… but certainly not least… there will be a new threat.

Anyone want to venture what that might be? Leave your comments below!

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