Season 4 of The Walking Dead just ended, but fans didn’t have to wait long to get new information about next season.

It was revealed that Andrew J. West, who plays the devious Gareth, has been made a series regular for season 5.

Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara and Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita, have also been upgraded to series regulars.

It appears season 5 will be even more brutal and intense than this past season based on interviews with the shows creator, Robert Kirkman, and the cast themselves.

Kirkman, as always, did not give away a lot, but he revealed 2 key things: Terminus will be explained and the whereabouts of Carol, Tyrese, baby Judith and Beth will be revealed early on.

The cast, which sat down for interviews following Season 4’s finale, teased that the upcoming season will be all about the evolution of the characters.

Some will remain true and  have hope despite everything, while others will be irrevocably changed and headed own a dark path.

Rick’s transformation will continue in season 5 and will be a big part of the storyline.

As viewers saw in the season finale, Rick came to terms with the necessity of killing to protect Carl, Michonne and Darryl.

Season 4 ended with the gang being trapped by Gareth and the members of Terminus, a supposed sanctuary and Rick vowing to get everyone out.

Rumors have circulated that Gareth is the leader of a group of cannibals based on the comics.

It remains to be seen if that is true, but it appears that is what they are as there are many similarities.

Season 5 of  is scheduled to air in October of 2014.

Check out the cast interview below.