Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee Frustrating Shoppers… Again

Walmart’s “1-Hour Guarantee” Black Friday deals are, once again, leaving frustrated and angry shoppers in its wake.

Flora Rawls Moudy posted this comment here on CP today:

“What is wrong with you WALMART people can’t get your act together. Your customers have to stand in line for 2 1/2 hours to get a one hour guarantee paper and pay for a 50′ HD TV can’t get your TV then. have been trying to register, can’t even get our TV registered, that’s a bunch of bull hockey. We don’t want a gift card we want our TV.!!!! and before Christmas.”

Dan Bryl wrote to say:

“Came home and tried to register for 50 inch TV for $218.00…couldn’t….tried again this morning…couldn’t……..searched internet for info….called Store, tried to speak to store manager…..after three attempts got Asst. Store Manager….she was told by Store Manager they SOLD OUT….can use $218 credit toward normal purchase price…………called Corporate office….was told to speak to Store Manager DIRECTLY…..if told not valid….. HAVE STORE MANAGER call corporate!!!!!! Called….he was in meeting…took name and number….he would call back……..”

This is the third year in a row that Consumer Press has reported on similar complaints from Walmart shoppers attempting to use Walmart’s 1-Hour Guarantee promise.

Last week, we contacted Walmart and asked if they had made any changes this year to deal with the problems shoppers have experienced in the past. They did not respond.

Walmart’s 1-Hour Guarantee promised shoppers that if they were in line for specific Black Friday sale items between 6pm to 7pm on Thanksgiving Day, they would be guaranteed that the item would either be in-stock and available, or the shopper would be able to buy it and pick it up at a Walmart location before Christmas.

To get an item that was out of stock though, the shopper would need to pay for it first, and then register their receipt on Walmart’s registration page.

The guaranteed items were a 50″ Class LED HDTV for $218; a Vizio 65″ Smart HDTV for $648; an Apple iPad Mini for $199 with a $30 Walmart Gift Card; an Xbox One Halo “The Master Chief Collection” Bundle for $329 with a $30 Walmart Gift Card; an RCA 7″ Google Play Wi-Fi Tablet for $29, a Samsung Galaxy Ace Style on Straight Talk Wireless for $29; an LG Blu-ray Disc Player for $35; a Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphone for $149; and an HP Intel Celeron Touch Laptop for $249.

Great deals all… if you can get them.

On yet another comment here on CP, Gabriel Anderson detailed her experience:

“First walking into the store on Thanksgiving night, I ask an employee where the line was for the 50 inch TV was, he said it was already sold out. This was 30 minutes before 6pm when it was supposed to start. I asked him about the 1 hour guarantee and he again said they were sold out. Then I proceeded to ask 4 other employees before finding the line to get my voucher for the TV.

After getting the voucher, I preceded to pay for it. Then I went home to register the TC number on the receipt. It stated that the number was not for the 1 hour guarantee. Then I emailed the company, they replied saying the cashier did not ring the TV up properly and I had to go back in the store to get it fixed.

So I go back to the store to customer service. They tell me all they can do is give me a refund. I declined and told them that I wanted my TV. After waiting for 45 minutes for a manager to tell me that I will still get a TV when they come in. He singed his first name on the receipt and said to check back before Christmas. . Some thing tells me that I will not have a TV for Christmas.

Walmart managers FAIL to properly train their employees. . Cant blame the $8 an hour emplyoyees”

According to Walmart, shoppers have until 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Monday, December 1, to register their 1-Hour Guarantee receipt.

For those having trouble registering their receipt, Walmart’s 1-Hour Guarantee FAQ says:

First, confirm that the receipt includes the phrase “KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FOR 1 HOUR GUARANTEE PICKUP”.  If it does not, it is not a 1-Hour Guarantee receipt and you may have it confused with another receipt. If it does, please enter the digits again including the last digit on the far right if the receipt includes one.  If it still does not work, please try back in 24 hours. We experience high traffic volume during the holiday shopping season that occasionally causes technical issues that may delay you from registering your receipt.

It also says that those who don’t register their receipts by the expiration date can use their receipt as a gift card.

Are you having trouble with Walmart’s 1-Hour Guarantee reciept?

Tell us about it below!

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