Walmart Made in U.S Hot And Trendy FashionWalmart is seeking out suppliers to ramp the offerings of products and services that are made in United States.

The retailer is looking for furniture manufacturers, game manufacturers and fashion designers.

This is a chance for all those companies who manufacture in the U.S. to make some sales.

Michelle Gloeckler, the senior vice president of Home for Walmart, is leading the initiative. In a statement to Women’s Wear Daily, Gloeckler said that Walmart is looking to get “hot and trendy in fashion.”

Walmart is limiting the program to US suppliers. In January the company announced that they would be sourcing $50 billion of US goods by 2020.

Gloeckler stated “One of the benefits of having production closer to the point of sale is it allows you to chase something that’s hot and trendy in fashion.”

Among other possibilities, Walmart is considering pet supplies, outdoor categories, textiles, furniture and high end appliances.