Walmart’s Back To School Sale Still Going Strong

Walmart’s Back To School Sale Still Going Strong

Shopping for last minute back-to-school supplies?

Walmart is typically my choice when it comes to basic school supplies, and their back-to-school sale is still going on through this weekend.

Here are a few of my picks for the best of Walmart’s back-to-school bargains:


From backpacks to binders, Walmart has got a bundle pack for pretty much everything.

You can sort through their bundles by supply type (pencils, binders, notebooks, etc.) or you can choose from one of their grade-level packs, with the top essentials for each grade level (we all know those lovely little supply lists we are given at the beginning of each year!).

They have made it a bit simpler by providing a form and links to search for items by grade level. It’s in the left side menu here. They feature double-packs as well, for families with more than one child, such as two backpacks for one reduced price.

Tiny Tots

For the kids heading off to preschool this year, Walmart offers the usual requested essentials: wipes, tissues, soap, etc., in their back-to-school sale.

Buying in bulk can save some cash here too – a 700 count pack will only set you back 2 cents a cloth!

They’ve also got some great prices on nap time mats – for about $15 you can give your little one a cuddly snooze at school – a big adjustment since they’re used to their beds!

Overall I’d give Walmart an A+ for their back-to-school sale. Whether you’re shopping with them online or in-store, they typically have the lowest prices from July to November – meaning back-to-school supplies don’t spike up in price when they are in demand.

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