Walmart’s Scan & Go App – How & Where It Works | How To Get It

Walmart’s Scan & Go App – How & Where It Works | How To Get It

WalMart’s new ‘Scan & Go’ self-checkout app service is being expanded to 200 Walmart stores.

Previously, the feature was present at 70 retail outlets.

New participating stores include locations in  Denver, Phoenix, Omaha, Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wyoming,  Bozeman, Seattle; San Jose, and Portland.

Walmart spokesman Ashley Hardie told Consumer Press that shoppers can look for in-store signs to learn if their store is participating in the new program.

A list of participating stores is also available on Walmart’s Scan and Go page by clicking on the ‘find a store’ button.

According to Hardie, using the app is easy. Shoppers just scan the bar code of products as they shop, then bag the item as they put it into their cart.

A shopper then goes to a self-checkout station, scans a QR code, and pays there at the self checkout as they normally would. Items do not need to be removed from the cart.

Hardie said that the app can help with budgeting, as it keeps track of the total cost as a shopper uses it.

It can also track a pre-made a shopping list and check items off as they are scanned.

Right now, Walmart’s Scan & Go feature is only available for Apple iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S and 5) that are running iOS 5 or greater. An android version will be out soon, according to Walmart.

Scan & Go is included as part of Walmart’s regular app. It’s not a stand-alone app, according to Hardie.

The app is available through Walmart’s app page.

Have you used Scan & Go at Walmart?

If so, tell us about your experience!

If not, are you looking forward to using it?

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