Search warrants in the Zahra Baker case were unsealed Tuesday and reveal that police are investigating a tip that the 10 year old girl may have been raped by two men prior to her death.

Zahra was reported missing on October 9. Her dismembered remains were discovered by police on November 11.

According to the warrants there was a tip given that Zahra had been at a home with two men prior to her death. One of the men is reported to be associated with stepmother Elisa Baker. The person giving the tip said both men had raped Zahra and one of them had stated he had done something bad and must leave.

When police went to the home to confirm the story they discovered a mattress outside with a large dark stain in the center. The person offering the tip said neither man had confessed to killing Zahra, but both had admitted they may have hit her in the head.

The warrants also showed that Elisa Baker had given quite a bit of information to investigators during the search. Not only had she told them where they may find the prosthetic leg and mattress that had been thrown out, she also informed them of evidence they may locate in the bathroom drain.

Elisa Baker still resides in jail on several unrelated charges and one obstruction of justice charge for writing a fake ransom note.

Father Adam Baker was arrested on unrelated charges but is out on bail.

No one has been charged thus far in the Zahra Baker murder.