AMC has released a new trailer for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ called Civilization Ends and the 30-second clip gives a fresh look at what’s to come.

The clip, which you can only see here, shows glimpses of the carnage and military presence that is expected to be featured heavily in the early stages.

As the trailer starts there are images of bloodied bodies with their throats ripped out and a cross, before quickly cutting to Nick (Frank Dellane).

Nick is in the hospital telling his mom Madison (Kim Dickens) everyone was dead.

Since Nick is supposed to be battling a drug problem I’m guessing no one is going to believe him until it’s too late.

After that the clips come fast and furious and feature the main characters, helping to tie viewers to them before the show starts.

There are  images of Nick’s sister Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) by a window asking “what was that sound?”, Nick speeding in a car, Travis (cliff Curtis), fighting something off and Madison encountering a zombied colleague.

The most disturbing images show a pair of newly infected walker eyes, a shot of hundreds of walkers taking over the streets and the military entering crumbling buildings.

The creepiest part of all though, comes at the end when a voice says: “When civilization ends, it ends quickly”.

The trailer has a quick-paced, eerie feel to it and helps to heighten all the suspense surrounding the show.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premieres on Sunday, August 23rd at 9 P.M. (EST).

What do you think of the latest FTWD trailer?

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