New footage from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest action/thriller film, Sabotage, has been released.

Lionsgate, who also brought us The Expendables series (Schwarzenegger starred in the 2nd installment),  made the clip available through Yahoo! Movies. 

In this latest film Schwarzenegger plays a role quite familiar to him: he is the leader of a DEA special forces team trying to bring down a heinous drug cartel.

The group is successful in bringing the cartel down, but there are consequences.  One by one members of the team are picked off, leaving Schwarzenegger and the remaining crew members scrambling to uncover the mystery before they are all eliminated.

There is an all-star cast joining Arnold in this film, including: Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Sam Worthington, Joe Maganiello, and Olivia Williams.

The previews promise not to disappoint fans of Schwarzenegger: it is all action and chances are he will make it to the final reel.  This latest clip shows Arnold going toe to toe with Joe Mangiello, one of his own members, and gives us a glimpse of the unique team dynamic.

Are you looking forward to Arnold’s latest flick?  Will you go see it?  Tell us what you think below.