Watch ‘The X Factor’ & Get Rewards? Couch Potatoes Rejoice!

Viggle is an app for Apple or Android devices that literally rewards you for watching tv as you normally would. The iPhone version was just updated to 1.2.2.

Viggle users collect points based on the shows they watch. The points can then be used to select from a variety of different rewards.

Say you and your family are gearing up to watch the newest episode of The X Factor. Once you’re near your TV, you would open up the app and click the “check in” button.

The app listens to around 20 seconds of your TV and recognizes the program. Once you’re checked in, the app rewards you points as soon as the program is over. Different shows have different point levels.  The app works with your DVR, but rewards you bonus for watching shows live.

There is also a trivia game perk for watching shows like The Voice when it’s airing live. Because singing competition shows use such heavy promotions, you get rewarded for actually watching those commercials. The trivia game will ask you questions like “What was the type of car advertised on the last Ford commercial?” If you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points on top of the points you’re receiving for simply watching The Voice.

The rewards are broken into point level sections based on how many thousands of points you have. The rewards range from a $5 Starbucks gift cards to free Apple TV’s. The points are so easy to accumulate that you can start receiving free gifts almost immediately.

Do you use the Viggle app? Leave your comments about it below!

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