Wayward Pines: S1 Ep.2 Recap: Beverly Dies As Things Go From Bad To Worse

Episode 2 of ‘Wayward Pines’ might have been a little less confusing tonight, but it wasn’t any less creepy as Beverly died (well, was murdered) and things went from bad to worse for Ethan (Matt Dillon).

Although we are no closer to the truth, tonight’s episode did shed light on some of the many odd things that appear to be happening.

As the episode starts Ethan (Matt Dillon) is being stopped by Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard), who tells him leaving town isn’t an option.

Pope then proceeds to tell Ethan that he checked him out and the Seattle Secret Service has no idea who he is.

He also tells him and that he considers him the number 1 suspect in the murder of agent Evans and he is under house arrest.

As they’re talking a group of kids  pass on their bikes and one of them turns around and tells Mr. Burke not to try to leave.

It seems everyone is out to stop him-or anyone from leaving, but we still don’t know why.

After Pope tells him to stay in his room, Ethan instead decides to go snooping around agent Evans dead body, which still hasn’t been moved.

He then pays a visit to the bar and speaks to Beverly (Juliette Lewis) again, who tells him there are mics everywhere.

She tells him she was supposed to escape with Evans; he tells her he found Evans’ escape plan in his boot but couldn’t get it because Pope caughthim snooping.

Beverly then gives him money to go buy a coffee and as he goes to pay he realizes all the money has a date before 1988 and that the treasury stamp is wrong.

He also discovers his calls are being re-routed.

When Ethan tries to call his wife he once again gets no answer.

He then tries his office, where the same woman answers again and tells him his boss is unavailable.

Ethan then asks her a trick question, revealing she is not actually in the office and that his calls are not going to the office

Ethan then goes to visit Kate again, this time at her “job”, where  he points out the phony money.

She has no answer for him and continues to act like a Stepford wife, reminding him to follow the rules: Never speak of the past, don’t try to leave and  always answer your phone.

Later on crazy nurse Pam is in the bar with the Sheriff’s secretary and they echo this sentiment, reminding Beverly to: “never talk of the past”.

Kate also lets it slip to Ethan that Bill was “married” and has a widow.

If that isn’t strange enough when Ethan goes to talk to her she tells him Bill killed himself and that she watched it happen.

Meanwhile, both Pope and the shady doctor repeatedly tell him that his accident was quite serious and that he had bleeding on his brain that was

not properly  drained because he ran from the hospital.

As the episode ends Ethan hatches a plan to escape with Beverly, while his wife and son make plans to come find him.

Ethan and Beverly have dinner with Kate and her husband where they plan to ditch their mics in her bathroom, then head to the cemetery to escape.

While they’re there Beverly slips and mentions her daughter; Kate tries to grill her about the slip-up, but Beverly excuses herself and then slips out.

Ethan says she is feeling sick and the two head out.  While they are walking Beverly tells him she screwed up as all the house phones in the town start to ring.

Beverly starts to panic, telling Ethan that is what happened before Evans was killed, but Ethan tells her to calm down and make a run for it while he distracts the searchers. .

Beverly gets caught and is brought to the middle of town where everyone is gathered.

There, Pope give a big speech about protecting the town at all costs and thanks Kate for warning them Beverly was trying to escape.

He then slits her throat as everyone watches, including Ethan who was hiding.

What did you think of this latest Episode of ‘Wayward Pines’?  Share your thoughts and theories below.

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