We Want Our (Apple) TV….

The World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) has come and gone with no Apple HDTV in sight.

The rumors were hot and heavy for the WWDC began. Word was that Apple would introduce an HDTV operating system and perhaps show us a full blown prototype of the TV as well. Some rumors even suggested that Apple would launch in iPhone 5 during the conference.

But there’s no joy on those rumors.

Apple did come out with some cool new toys. There’s the new MacBook Pro with the super high-def Retina Display, new MacBook Air models, and a new Maps app. Facebook is been integrated into iOS 6, and the iPad (3) will get Siri this Fall.

But the lack of an introduction to the Apple HDTV, or any reveal of the iPhone 5, leads us back to the rumor mill. Is there really an Apple HDTV in the works? And just when will Apple reveal the next 10 iPhone?

TUAW.com, which calls itself The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), gathered together a list of Apple related rumors from Apple focused websites. They concluded that “only the tiniest percentage of rumors that came out more than a week before WWDC turned out to be true.” According to the site, BGR had the worst record for inaccurate rumors. They also said that 9to5 Mac does seem to have some good sources, but even so, some of their rumors were “widely inaccurate.”

Here at CP, we’re not ready to give up on Apple HDTV. And there’s no doubt that Apple will launch the next-generation iPhone at some point. So we’ll keep our ears open and let you know what we hear.

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