As people are gearing up for the Super Bowl this weekend, they may find their travel plans to the big event are impacted greatly by mother nature.

The Dallas, Texas area is currently under a winter storm warning as some parts of the city has already seen six inches of snow. This proves detrimental to an area of the country unprepared and not equipped to deal with this type of weather. Hundreds of flights have been canceled and many businesses remain closed.

The area has seen unusual snowfall as well as ice and sleet over the past few days. According to residents schools, stores and other businesses have been closed for days in some parts of the city as the icy roads were considered dangerous to drive on.

The inability to fly into the area could impact those planning to travel to Dallas for the big game. Though many have already arrived, many will find their flights delayed or canceled due to inclement weather.

The Super Bowl is being held on Sunday February 6. Kick-off is at 6:30 pm EST.