What Do We Want? Free Shipping!

A new survey has identified what we want when it comes to online shopping in 2012. We want it more than coupons, more than discounts, more than rewards…. we want free shipping!

The survey was done by online behavioral research technology firm SteelHouse. It found that most of us shoppers believe we are likely to spend more online in 2012 if buying opportunities include free shipping, over opportunities that include coupons or discounts.

When SteelHouse asked consumers what would influence them to spend more online in 2012, free shipping was the number one choice, with 18% of respondents choosing it above any other answer. The number two answer was a discount offered while shopping (13%), followed by discounts offered on products they have browsed in the past (11%), and daily deals/flash sales/secret sales (11%).

Other factors that respondents identified as being influential included new product availability, product reviews, used/factory reconditioned or refurbished items, club or reward offers, discounts for bulk purchase, and seasonal/holiday offers.

SteelHouse also asked consumers if they expected to spend more, less, or about the same online in 2012 as they did last year. Good news for online retailers – 58% said they expected to spend more. 38% said they expected to spend the about the same amount. Only 4% said less. The survey also found that 49% of its participants feel more optimistic about the US economy in 2012.

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