Urban Decay has launched a new, limited-edition Eyeshadow Primer Potion shade, Enigma, as part of its Ultraviolet Edge initiative.

So what is Ultraviolet Edge? 

It’s Urban Decay’s “global initiative to empower women.”

Since the Ray Rice NFL scandal, it seems every company is adopting one and Urban Decay is no exception.

As part of this initiative, a new Primer Potion shade called Enigma will be available with 100% of the proceeds going to The Ultraviolet Edge.

The beauty brand says in a press release that, “By supporting organizations that fight for the rights of women everywhere, they encourage all women to embrace their individuality in everything they do.”

In turn, the company plans to donate $3 million over the course of five years to causes that support women. 

Trend-setting music artist Gwen Stefani is the first woman to be recognized by Urban Decay as part of the initiative and Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF) is the first organization to receive proceeds from the initiative.

Directed by Karen Sugar, Women’s Global Empowerment Fund aids women in post-war Uganda with literacy programs and the tools to become business owners through education and microloans.

Sales of Enigma Eyeshadow Primer Potion– a neutral, matte shade– will benefit WGEF.

The updated packaging on this limited-edition release features a wand applicator attached to the tube’s top.

Enigma Eyeshadow Primer Potion is available now on urbandecay.com for $20 with proceeds going directly to The Ultraviolet Edge.