What Restaurants Are Open/Closed On Thanksgiving Day, 2021?

What Restaurants Are Open/Closed On Thanksgiving Day, 2021?

From fast food to traditional Thanksgiving dinners – here’s a run down of popular restaurants and whether they are open or closed on Thanksgiving day, 2021.

The largest fast food chain in the US, McDonald’s, is open on Thanksgiving day.

As with all of the restaurants on our list, local McDonald’s might have different hours than are promoted at a national level. We will link the restaurant name to the local opening/closing time lookups when available.

Many Starbucks locations will be open on Thanksgiving. According to Starbucks, retail hourly employees that work the holiday are paid time and a half.

Denny’s restaurants will generally be open on Thanksgiving, though may have reduced hours. Denny’s is offering traditional turkey and dressing plates for a traditional Thanksgiving meal away from home.

Subway… this one is more tricky, as all Subway locations are individually owned and hours can vary. However, more than half that we checked across the country at random are listed as being open on Thanksgiving day.

If you are having a craving for the Bell on Thanksgiving, you are out of luck. According to their site, Taco Bell is closed for the holiday.

Likewise, Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving day.

Burger King normally does not close on holidays, but they do cut back on the hours they are open, and that varies by location.

Wendy’s restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving.

Not only is Dunkin Donuts open on Thanksgiving day, but they are offering a special deal: $5 off orders of $20 or more delivered through Doordash. Here are the details.

Hoping to have Domino’s as your backup plan if the turkey doesn’t work out for some reason? Unfortunately you are out of luck… Domino’s is closed on Thanksgiving. It’s interesting to note though that one of their busiest days each year is the day before Thanksgiving.

Panera Bread is closed on Thanksgiving day.

Does a steak from Outback sound good for Thanksgiving…? Yeh, me too. But they are closed…

Most Pizza Hut restaurants are open with reduced hours on Thanksgiving Day.

The majority of Chipotle restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving.

Zaxby’s are closed on Thanksgiving.

Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving. Did you know that select locations offer deep fried KFC turkeys that can be ordered for Thanksgiving? Something to look into for next year…

Some Applebee’s restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving. They don’t list local Thanksgiving hours on their site though, so calling ahead of time to check is recommended.

Olive Garden’s FAQ page says they are closed for Thanksgiving.

Little Caesar’s are closed on Thanksgiving.

Panda Express is also closed for Thanksgiving.

Likewise, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Red Lobster, Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse Grill, The Cheesecake Factory, and Bonefish Grill, are all closed.

Cracker Barrel is open during their regular hours on Thanksgiving, with traditional turkey dinners beginning at 11am. Their site recommends joining their waitlist to lessen your wait time and paying at the table through their app so you can skip that line as well.

Having Thanksgiving away from home?

Let us know if you have tips or suggestions for a successful Thanksgiving restaurant meal!

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