Thursday night is reunion night on CBS.

Two television pairings reunite tomorrow night during prime time on CBS.

First at 9/8 c Two and Half Men plays host to a That 70s Show reunion. As Ashton Kutcher’s character, Waldon, meets up with a new woman named Vivian. She will be played by Mila Kunis.

This should be a fun reunion to watch as the real life engaged couple meet for the first time on this show.

Prior to meeting Vivian, Waldon was convinced that he had wanted to reconnect with an old flame. What will meeting the new girl bring to about?

Right after Two and Half Men goes off, fans may want to stay in their seats as the classic television pair of Mork and Mindy is reunited.

The Crazy Ones is comic legend Robin Williams’ current foray into television. In the show he is the owner of an advertising agency where he works with his daughter.

Tomorrow night Robin’s character, Simon will meet up with travel writer named Lily. Lily is being portrayed by none other then Pam Dawber.

Prior to tomorrow night’s reunions, fans can catch up on the current season of both shows by visiting their pages on