Where’s Emily Riedel? Missing BSG Star Out With Covid After-Effects

Where’s Emily Riedel? Missing BSG Star Out With Covid After-Effects

As the ice mining portion of season 14 of Bering Sea Gold got started, it was hard not to notice that one of our favorite captains was missing.

Where’s Emily Riedel?

Nothing was said about her absence during the show, but with a little research we tracked down her YouTube Channel and got the dope straight from Emily herself.

“In January 2021, I came down with that thing everyone is talking about…” said the famous dredger.

She goes on to explain that she had Covid. “It was a mild case at the time, it seemed like it was pretty routine.”

According to Emily, the only unusual symptom was terrible chest pain. EKGs found no problems, and over time it seemed like she fully recovered.

When she got to Nome to prepare for the ice mining season, she began suffering the chest pain again while digging equipment out of the snow.

“I had had something like a relapse” Emily says in the video.

Her symptoms included fatigue, general malaise, numb limbs, shortness of breath, and ongoing chest pain.

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me” states Emily, “I’ve always been pretty healthy, always been active, it was a real blow to who I felt fundamentally I was as a person”.

She said in the video that she felt that she wasn’t up to the challenge of ice mining this season and had to make the decision to sit the ice season out and work on getting better for the summer mining season.

Emily also said she did recover in time for the summer mining season, which just finished filming, and will be back on Bering Sea Gold next season.

Her video is below.

What do you think of Emily Riedel’s absence and her Covid experience?

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