Reports began circulating late last week and built to a fever pitch over the weekend. The news? The much anticipated White iPhone 4 is finally at stores and will go on sale on Wednesday.

First there was a tip, and pictures, of a White iPhone 4 posted on ‘Endgadget’. With it came news that Vodafone UK had added the White iPhone 4 to it’s inventory system. Then another site, ‘9 to 5 Mac’, announced it received an inventory screenshot from a source at Best Buy, with details indicating the White iPhone 4’s launch would be this Wednesday, April 27th.

The details from the Best Buy inventory reference the AT&T version of the White iPhone 4, but it has also been revealed that the White iPhone 4 started showing up in Verizon’s inventory database last week.

While the black iPhone 4 was released back in June of 2010, the white version of the phone has had it’s launch put off time and time again. Apple simply said that it was encountering manufacturing difficulties with the white version. That led to rampant speculation about what the problem might be. Some sources indicate that the problem was that the white of the body did not match the white of the home button as it should have. Others suggested that light leaked through the semi-translucent case, ruining photos, and that a different paint job was developed to prevent that problem. Still others said that the white would fade to a pale yellow when exposed to sunlight, and the different paint job was to fix that issue.

Regardless, it looks like it’s finally about here. It is expected that supplies will be limited, and also expected that demand will be high. The next shipment of White iPhone 4s is reported to be in June, so consumers that miss out on this first round may have to wait four to five weeks for another chance at one.