Magnolia Shorty, murdered on December 20, 2010 in New Orleans, was a New Orleans based rap artist . Q93.3FM of New Orleans is reporting that she was killed in a double homicide this afternoon. The report has not yet been confirmed by police. Her real name was Renetta Lowe.

According to, she was shot 26 times. The rap artist was signed by Cash Money Records, the second artist in their line up, in the 90’s. She had recently a been featured artist  SXSW Festival in Texas.

The rap artist described her music as being “New Orleans”. In an interview with, she said she had known since she was six years old that she wanted to be a rapper. She said she was influenced by Michael Jackson, SWV, Beyonce, and Eve. “Pleasing my fans makes me smile,” she said during the interview.

The shooting happened about 12:30 Monday afternoon. According to unconfirmed reports, police found a man and a women in a crashed car, each with mulitple gunshot wounds.

In 1995 Magnolia Shorty released her first CD on the Cash Money Records label. She recently had two local New Orleans club hits, “Smoking Gun” a remix of a Jadakiss song, and “My Boy” a collaboration with R&B singer Kourtney Heart. According to New Orleans’, Magnolia Shorty frequently performed with rapper and R&B singer Ms Tee, who is the only other woman signed to the Cash Money label.

Video below is “My Boy”, with Kourtney Heart and Magnolia Shorty, via YouTube.