News outlets are reporting that  Whole Foods Market is recalling almost a dozen different food items because they could possibly be contaminated with unlabeled peanut allergens.

The products in question were made between January 14 through February 5 of this year and contain the stamp “20234” or “18768” by the USDA inspection mark.

During that time products were shipped to  New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and The District of Columbia.

According to Whole Foods the products affected are :

-16 lb bulk containers of ” Chili, Turkey and Black Bean”

-16 lb bulk containers of “Chili, Braised Beef”

-24 ounce packages of “Chicken Chili Burrito”

-24 ounce packages of “Pork Carnitas Burrito”

-24 ounce packages of “Grilled Chicken Breast Quesadilla”

-10 lb bulk containers of “Chicken Chili Verde”

-10 lb bulk containers of “Pork Carnitas”

-1.5 lb packages of ” Chili, Turkey and Black Bean”

-1.5 lb packages of “Chili, Braised Beef”

-23 ounce packages of “Blazin’ Beef Chili”

-10 lb bulk containers of “Beef For Barbacoa” (beef and onions in spicy sauce)

Whole Foods became aware of the issue recently when one of their manufacturing plants was notified by a spice supplier that some of the cumin used in their chili’s may have been tainted with peanut allergens.

If you purchased any of these products during the time period indicated and live in one of the states where they were shipped do not eat it.

You can contact Whole Foods to exchange them or get a refund.

Their corporate number is: 512-542-0878

If you did eat the contaminated food and suffered adverse affects you should contact your doctor and the company as well.

Did you purchase one of the  Whole Foods recall products?  Tell us if you did and your views on the situation below.