Who’s Got The Best Flight Deals? Kayak, Orbitz, Hotwire, Priceline?

There are so many websites now that claim to give you the best deal, so I decided to check some of them out for myself to see where the best deal actually is.

I decided to check a flight from ATL to ORD in Chicago on Kayak first. For October, the cheapest day to fly seemed to be on Fridays near the end of the month. The average price for this flight from Kayak for the month of October is around $221.

Next, I checked Orbitz. Orbitz is not the place to go for last second flights, but if you have a few weeks to plan ahead, they seem to be a bit cheaper than the average for Kayak.

Hotwire seems to have the cheapest last second flight, for a round trip from ATL to ORD leaving October 1, is a little under $300.

Priceline seems to have good deals for this flight around the end of October, starting at $130. With this site, it also depends which airline you prefer to fly with; Delta seems to be the most economic in this situation.

For round trip tickets, Expedia seems like a great deal, for a round trip of this flight is around $250 near the end of October. Expedia also informs its users when the price for the ticket will increase.

If you don’t like to buy your ticket directly through the company, it really just depends how long you have before your flight to decide which company you would like to buy through.

For my next trip, I’ll definitely consider using a site like this to book my flight, so I can save a few dollars for more activities when I reach my destination.

Hope this helped some of you make those tough decisions! Do you have any other companies you always go to for your flights? Let us know!