PS4 Hardware wasn't worth investing in according to Nvidia

The Santa Clara, California, based GPU manufacturer Nvidia has revealed they were in negotiations to provide hardware for the PS4… but decided against it in the end.

Tony Tamsai, Senior Vice President of Technology and Content, said they didn’t make the decision without experience. Nvidia provided the hardware chips for both the PS3 and the first-generation Xbox.

Tamsai told GameSpot that they decided against supplying components due to cost and resources. They didn’t want to do a contract at a cost Sony would have paid.

Furthermore, if they focused their resources solely on the production of chips for Sony, other sectors of their business, such as chips for graphic cards and smartphones, would have to be put on hold.

Tamsai said the console platform doesn’t have a lot of potential when it comes to high-end graphic cards, and their Tegra chips can attract more profit from elsewhere.

AMD got the contract.

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