Anti-gay remarks and jokes about the mentally handicapped aside, on The Bachelor finale, Juan Pablo showed his true colors – none of which seemed to resonate with viewers, or even with host Chris Harrison.

On the final episode, Juan opted not to propose to either woman, Clare or Nikki. This isnt unheard of in Bachelor history: Brad Womack sent both of his final women home without a rose as well on his first season as the Bachelor.

Rather, Juan first sent home Clare, the 32 year-old blonde with whom he had a roller coaster relationship.

Reeling from the rejection, Clare spouted off some not-so-kind remarks to Juan Pablo, who, instead of understanding, decided to laugh and remark “I’m glad I didn’t pick her.”

Next came Nikki, a 26 year-old model. Juan first let her detail how wonderful she thought he was, and then proceeded to tell her he had a ring in his pocket, but he wasn’t going to propose.

He would prefer to wait until he was 100% sure that they were ready- which is admirable of him. Until he said “I like you. A lot.” then proceeded to wink.

During After The Final Rose, host Chris Harrison asked Juan and Nikki about their future plans, a staple of the after-show interview. Juan continually refused to answer Chris’ questions, repeatedly saying that they wanted to keep the relationship private.

His rudeness also came off on previous bachelor Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine. Juan’s defensive remarks and smart attitude visibly irritated both Sean and Catherine, as well as Chris.

Juan refused to admit he even loved Nikki, who was in love with him at the finale, filmed more than four months ago. The couple continued on saying that they were “happy,” when Nikki looked anything but.

Juan repeatedly said that he didn’t love her, without even saying good things about her character or personality. She sat next to him looking depressed and dejected.

Ultimately, the conversation resulted in a belligerent Juan Pablo and a frustrated Chris Harrison, who ended the evening by saying he wasn’t sad to be moving on from Juan and onto the newest Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman.

Will Juan and Nikki make it? Let us know what you think!