In a world where social media, tweets and taking selfies with you and your friends reigns, one must ask: is this our world from here on out?

That’s the nature of ABC’s comedy Selfie.

Karen Gillan plays Eliza, a typical narcissistic social media queen who does nothing but promote herself all over the Internet. When things go awry for her one day, and pictures of her are taken of an unfortunate incident, her confidence is crushed.

She then goes to co-worker Henry Higgs (John Cho) who has recently been noticed by the heads of the marketing company they both work for. When Henry agrees to help Karen with her image, we are then brought into two different worlds of living – virtual reality and actual reality.

Both characters are the personifications of each, and each do not know how to really interact with the other – Eliza is a clueless introvert who has no idea how to socialize outside the internet, while Henry despises social media sites all together, but knows how to cooperate with others.

In my opinion, both need each other, as their jobs in marketing uses social media as the norm.

A show like this could not have aired at a better time. Everyday, a person sees something on their own Facebook feed like taking a picture of their lunch, or perhaps taking a seflie of themselves right before hitting clubs. Do either contribute to everyday life though?

Selfie is a great objective viewpoint of our selves in the digital age, and shows the warning signs of how one can get sucked into social media and become alien to the outside world if they are not careful.