Mario Kart 8 is being hailed as the savior of the Wii U.

The item hurling kart game moved over 2 million copies in less than a month, according to Nintendo Co. LTD.

Mario Kart 8 sat in the number 2 spot for games discs sold in June as well, just behind Watch Dogs. Since Mario Kart 8 was released, Nintendo has seen a 90% increase in sales of its Wii U console.

So what makes this game so special?

1. Graphics & design: The graphics in this installment have taken the franchise to new levels. The HD quality visuals allow players to see textures and vibrancy in the courses not available in older kart games.

The refurbished retro tracks included in the game have never looked so good. The way the tracks bend and curve is mind bending. They take some getting used to and you may find yourself cocking your head to the right or left as you drive sideways and upside down. The anti gravity characteristics of the game are reminiscent of Mario Galaxy.

2. New items & other changes: New items as well as changes in the effectiveness of older items are present in Mario Kart 8.

Finally, players in first place have a defensive weapon to combat the blue shell.

The horn is a life saver for first place racers. The blue shell now travels on the ground and can strike other racers on its way to attacking the first place kart driver.

Another noticeable change is that when you fall off the track, you are fished out of the abyss and placed back on the track much more quickly than in previous games. Red shells are much more effective at finding their target.

Lastly, mushrooms do not offer as big of a boost as they had in Mario Kart Wii.

3. Game replay value: Mario Kart 8 has a high level of replay value.

The game is chalked full of items and kart modifications to unlock. Unlockable circuits, characters, and stickers are also available.

Racers can spend hours upon hours racing online with friends and people from around the world. Mario Kart 8 also features MKTV (Mario Kart TV). MKTV allows racers to view and modify a replay of a race and then upload the video to share with friends.

In Addition,  you have not completed everything in the game once you have beaten all the circuits with a three star rating. You can still race in the time trials mode against ghosts created by Nintendo. Beating the ghosts on each track earns you unlockable stamps.

Mario Kart 8 has given Nintendo a much needed shot in the arm. However,  it seems this is just the beginning of a Nintendo resurgence.

A successful campaign at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last month saw Nintendo announce a whole slew of highly anticipated games which include: Yoshi’s Woolly World and Mario Maker. News For shoppers will continue to keep you updated with all the exciting developments at Nintendo and throughout the gaming community.