Nintendo announced the release date for the new Nintendo Wii U this morning, along with a few extra surprises.

One of the surprises is something that will be included with the new Wii U. A service called Nintendo Tvii.

Tvii aims to provide the next gen levels of TV service to users. Nintendo said the service is a new way to interact with the TV, allowing users to find, watch and engage in streaming and live TV programming. Users will also be able to connect with friends through social media, and can share what they are watching.

TVii will be free and will be available on all the editions of the Wii U console.  It will give users the ability to control live TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon TV streams, and even a TiVo DVR through the  WiiU gamepad.

The Wii U gamepad, basically a tablet like controller, will act as the second screen of this service. It will display all the information that is playing on the TV, perform personalized searches, and can save user profiles, thus providing a family wide scope.

And just when will the Wii U be released in the US?

November 18, 2012.

How about that? Just in time for Christmas.

The basic Wii U set will cost $300. The deluxe set will be $350.

Will you be putting a Wii U on your Christmas list? Tell us why… or why not… below!