Wikipad Now Costs $200: A Deal On Android Gaming

Wikipad Now Costs $200: A Deal On Android Gaming

Wikipad Inc. has announced that their 7-inch Android gaming tablet will now be sold for $200 as opposed to its former $250 price point.

For those that haven’t heard of the Wikipad before, it’s essentially a tablet designed specifically for gamers. It includes a detachable controller, and access to several popular mobile stores including Google Play and PlayStation Mobile.

Best Buy is the first retailer to offer the discounted price to consumers, but the press release indicates that other storefronts should be following suit soon enough.

In addition to announcing a price cut, Wikipad also took the time to emphasize its new software called Wikipad Controller Assistant. The utility allows you to map button controls for games that are typically exclusively touch-based.

By using this tool, just about every app you download from any of the device’s compatible stores can now be used on Wikipad. The lack of controller mapping solutions has been a thorn in the side of competitive consoles like the Ouya, but Wikipad has nothing to fear these days.

It should also be noted that just like any other 7-inch Android tablet, the Wikipad can be used to access popular media services like Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix as well.

Is Wikipad’s new price competitive enough, or is that controller still too much of a turn off?

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